Top 10: Weight-Loss Journey

I have entered into the twelfth week of my weight-loss journey. Here are my top 10 thoughts so far.

10. I ate chocolate cake today.

9. I haven’t had butter in 3 months.

8. I’m getting use to my five day a week workout. I’m shocked.

7. People are starting to notice my weight loss. I can only see it in picture comparisons.

6. The manger or whatever at my gym tried to sell me a $1200 personal training program. He said by paying the $1200 I would be more committed than paying  $29.99/mo for just a membership to the gym. He said people that pay monthly are less committed to their workout goals.

5. At this point I think I’m pretty committed.

4. I did take the advice of one of the trainers and changed my workout regimen to 40% weights and 60% cardio.

3. I haven’t loss any weight since I changed to this regimen. I’m guessing due to the fat muscle exchange. I’d much rather see the lbs come off the scale.

2. So far -17.4 lbs down, -53/lbs to go.

1. Week 12, Day 1.



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