My First ” Blue Apron” Delivery

I took a trip to Atlanta to see my nephews solo performance in the ATL Philharmonic Symphony about a month ago. I noticed on his counter he had a huge stack of these delicious and vibrantly colored 8×10 recipes. I found it odd that they were just neatly stacked right next to the stove. So of course I had to inquire, “Where in the world did you get all these cool recipes?”. And that’s when I first learned of “Blue Apron”. He said he’s been a subscriber for a while and had a free meal he could send me so I can try it out.  We come from a family of good cooks and I must say alot of the recipes I thumbed through I had never heard of the ingredients which made it all that much more exciting. And, they deliver the fresh ingredients right to your door. Or in my case to my job in a refrigerated box.


About two weeks or so later I got the notification that my nephew had sent me a free delivery to my email. I signed up and got my first delivery last Friday. At the time of delivery I learned that some of my co-workers are also subscribed to Blue Apron.

A week prior I’d researched the company to read about their suppliers and how they got started. I was impressed and couldn’t wait to start cooking.



The first recipe I tried was the coconut rice, bok choy and honey glazed cod.
I’ve had cod before and it’s not one of my favorite fish but the way it was prepared with the recipe from Blue Apron it wasn’t bad. The texture was much better than my previous attempts with Cod. Both the bok choy and coconut rice was entirely new to me. I really enjoyed the bok choy but the coconut rice I felt was lacking as far as flavor. But I’d be willing to try it again and maybe throw in some onions and bell peppers.


The second recipe in the box was the Panko- Crusted Chicken with Pea Tip Salad & Pink Lemon.
Don’t worry Blue Apron I didn’t use the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” in your recipe. It was for my baked potato I had on the side. I enjoyed this recipe more than the first one but didn’t take a finished picture. The Panko- Crusted Chicken I don’t know if I’d make again although tasty. And only because I’ve discovered oven fried chicken which is extremely delicious and really easy to prepare. The Pea-Tip salad I really enjoyed and will definitely make again.

Overall I was happy with my first delivery.  Good job Blue Apron! As far as my nephew getting all his recipes in a binder, it was his weekend project that he accomplished while I was there. Yay!



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