The Fire



After a crazy day at work I didn’t think I’d heavily indulge but I thought  I would have at least have had a cocktail by now but I passed.  I came in, changed clothes then decided I should wash the dishes and maybe vent to a friend about my day. That was highly effective in decompressing and cheaper. I rented a book for a test but it’s actually highly exciting, 400 pages of Land Use that I’ll be getting back to shortly. I applied for school and just waiting on an acceptance otherwise I have a plan B.

Last week I rearranged my furniture into a very cozy and intimate arrangement. So I’ve been craving the space, I love it.  I even got an art piece to go over my sofa. So yes, I’ve been doing some decorating. I also have a canvas project I plan to start next weekend. I’ve been doing some shopping, took a trip to Redondo Beach and even managed to keep a plant alive for more than three weeks. That’s impressive.

I’ve been finding myself doing good and productive things in my spare time. It’s like a breath of fresh air. My Oxygen.



I’m the heat. I’m putting the heat on myself to “GET IT DONE” whatever it is. And if I don’t get it done give myself the heat for not getting it done. I find realizing the root to the problem and addressing it is the way to the solution. Don’t like something? Do something to change it. Don’t like how you’re being treated, well remove yourself. If you can’t stand the heat, you know what they say, get out the kitchen. That’s true and without heat there will be no fire.



Work is one source of my fuel. Whether it’s a bad day, boring day, wish I earned more, where I am compare to where I want to be, whatever. That just makes me turn up the heat. Even crazier I don’t think our CEO likes me very much. Sometimes he scowls  at me or give me a half smile.I mean that’s cool if that’s how he operates. Just a little awkward and who wants to deal with that. Seriously who am I?  My love life is fuel as well. Single life is meh. It has it’s advantages but I’d certainly rather be cuddling than some of the other stuff I get into. So I get to thinking, should I work out? Buy new lipstick? Wear a cute dress to happy hour? Cut my hair? Move to Detroit? Move to Long Beach?  How do I change this situation? Bigger and more long term sources of fuel are lack of things like my personal desires to travel and professional success.

Fire is not always bad. Sometime it takes a good fire to get things going. I’ve been told ” don’t ever let your fire go out”. Don’t worry I won’t.




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