Settle Unless

Have you ever been at a place where you’ve slowly or quickly begin to settle for things, situations, jobs and/or relationships? Is it really worth it? Well from the articles I’ve been reading apparently settling is a terrible no-no and has been found to be the lesser of the best decision over a long term.

I think I’ve been settling for things lately. So far almost four years in a dead end job,my health, an okay car and my apartment that’s cheap but seriously outdated. What I’d like to do instead is have a flourishing career where I can learn, be challenged, enjoy it and be well compensated for it, a normal love life, a healthier lifestyle, a nice new sports car, and a nice apartment(for now) with wood floors, crown moldings, nice double pained windows and nice and new appliances.  Yes, I’m grateful for the things I have but it’s not the things I want and certainly not all that I can have in this life. I want to not have to worry so much about so much and be happier with my present and decisions that I make. I don’t want to settle (anymore).

I just need to create a game plan and really work it. I have goal spreadsheets, personal progress reports and actually have been making steady progress in lots of areas but some areas not so much. Goal setting and achievements can be quite overwhelming but I know that settling certainly doesn’t lead towards any progress. Settling is just accepting less than what I deserve and that’s not cool. Settling is actually scary when you realize you’ve done so.





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