Egg Sandwiches & Shit

I have two unexpected trips to make in the first quarter of the year, in addition to the five planned trips. Some trips will cancel out others like a holiday and the ATL trip. I have to make a trip to my nephews concert where he’s performing a solo and to my Godson’s military graduation. What follows is suppose to be my trip home for crawfish season which is probably going to get pushed back but we’ll see.

That means guess what’s for dinner? Anything cheap and also for lunch. Smoothies will still be for breakfast but no roast and potato dinners, shrimp and grits or oyster happy hours for awhile. I had ramen noodles last night but only because I had the taste for them. I got one pack for $.25. Don’t be alarmed I’m not starving but stretching my pennies. Most importantly I’m just fine. Excited about the new year, new job opportunities and more. And the jerk chicken has successfully completed day one of marinating.

(Picture courtesy of ” Weight Watchers”.)
In the meantime you know what I’ll be eating…



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