Not This Time

I had a pretty good weekend. I met a couple of friends at a local bar for brunch Sunday and today on MLK day I napped, bought a new purse and prepared the marinade for a recipe I want to try. I’ve tried the store bought jerk chicken marinade and wasn’t impressed at all so I’m trying this recipe.

In the recipe she serves it with black beans and rice but I will also add cabbage as a side to this meal. I’m a bit excited to try it.

Last night I tossed, turned and got up multiple times with a headache. Eventually auntie  flo shows up with revenge. The two week wait is up, two days late but she finally came. A little disappointment with a touch of relief that I’m not pregnant, yet. I was starting to get the “omg how do I be a parent” thoughts but other than that I believe we’re ready, mostly. We will continue to try is the current plan and if things change as far as distance we can try more. Also relieved we get a chance to push forward with other goals as we await the journey of becoming parents.

Other than that I have nothing new to report. Not pregnant yet but hopefully soon.




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