Three Weeks Maybe

Every woman hoping to get pregnant comes to this point, the week before your cycle is due to show up. So I’m there. Because pregnancy weeks start from the beginning of your cycle, if I we’re pregnant I’d be three weeks. 

It doesn’t help that my best friend called me and told me he had a dream I was pregnant not even knowing that we actually tried it. Of course I anxiously and prematurely took a  store bought pregnancy test that showed negative early last week. That’s why they’re hundreds of articles about the “two week waiting” period to see if you’ve conceived or not. Two weeks is a long time for a woman waiting to confirm.

My anxiousness even made me look up DIY pregnancy test because from what I’ve read it’s too soon to test so no need in wasting the money until I at least miss my cycle. See sugar test below:


The sugar didnt dissolve and my mom and sister had never heard of this test. But it eased my mind and kept me hopeful.

It would be awesome if I get a positive test in the next week or so. That would mean my life will be changed forever. If not we just have to try again. That was certainly fun.



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