Top 10: 2015 Highlights

What a year and I’m still amazed at how quickly it is behind us. Now it’s time for my annual highlights of the year. Not all great but not all terrible either. Here goes….


10. Sandy (the foster dog) was returned to her owner(finally). She was cute. I think about and miss her sometime.

9.Found Cheaper rent by -$300. Which is another reason Sandy had to go. No pets.

8. A friend from Louisiana moved to Diego from Dallas.

7. I applied for two positions that would grant me at least a $10k raise. Didn’t get either one but I reached high when I went for both. Tried it.


6. “You’ve been dressing better” -Co-worker. When I asked her to help me out with two more highlights of 2015. I suppose. I’ve been shopping a lil bit I guess. So what she means is I care a little bit. Not about the job but my personal appearance. Hate the job.


5. My cousin came to stay for 3 months. It was good to have family around. She also just got married last week. Awww. She’s also the reason for my more stylish look. Thanks cousin.


4. My trip home.


3. I put up my first Christmas Tree!  I’ve been on my own for 12 years and this was the first year I put up a tree. A Fraser Fir. That was fun.


2. I didn’t spend Christmas alone. Guess who?


1. My very first friend in San Diego passed away. I miss him dearly. In fact as I type this post from the comfort of my couch New Year’s Eve I’m feeling pretty bummed because I know we would have been partying tonight.

I’m  certainly looking forward to 2016. Happy New Year!



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