Rest In Peace Tour Guide


Many of you that follow me of twitter have heard much talk of my friend I named “Tour Guide” on social media. I met when I interviewed and got hired at my last POE. I’d thought sure I knew where the office was located when I headed out to my interview in a new city. Turns out my gps did not pick up on the W. For west when I keyed in the address and at that time I was still very new to the city and taking public transportation.  I ended up by the bay many blocks from my destination.  I finally got there after several calls to the temp agency and the office I was interviewing with. I finally arrived very winded and sweating like crazy. My hair  had started to frizz because it was misty downtown that day and running in heels and sweating did not help.

As I waited to be called back to be interviewed a very tall handsome older gentleman walked through the reception area. He asked if I was interviewing.  I told him yes. He hurriedly brought me back some paper towels to pat my face dry. He told me I’d get it the job and not to worry.


He was right and from that day we were thick as thieves. We partied, we danced, we dined, we went fishing, attended events together and so on. He would often tell people I was his daughter we became very close. I ended up going work at another company but we stayed in touch. I eventually moved only only a couple blocks from him.

About two years ago he began kidney dialysis and everything really went down hill from there. He was a fighter, he was strong willed but finally succumbed to his illnesses on December 11. I could not have wished to have met a better person. He’d worked for the city 25 years and was known and  loved by many. He never met a stranger. My dear friend is no longer apart of this world. I’ve been sad on and off.  I’ve been trying to prepare myself for months now but nothing is like when it really happens. Rest on my friend, you will forever share a special place in my heart. 


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