Post Thanksgiving

Again another post past due. However, rather than write about my Thanksgiving plans I wanted to write about my thoughts post Thanksgiving so it’s not too late. This year again, I did prepare a meal.

I wasn’t particularly too proud of my turkey but my dressing & collard greens were on point as usual. I think it’s going to take a couple of tries to perfect the bird. I took plates to a few people I knew wouldn’t be cooking or going anywhere for thanksgiving and hit the road, through the mountains to see my friend and her family. It’s always a good time.

Now the  whole truth post thanksgiving,

I showed up the day before Thanksgiving with two roast already seasoned and stuffed and a bottle of gin. And solo. No date, boyfriend, fiance or friend, just me again. I was on my best behavior because my friends brother is REALLY cute. Tall, dark and handsome but he doesn’t date black women so I didn’t want to “be all crazy” and give him another opportunity to past judgement on a sista. On Thanksgiving day I got up, showered, dressed, did my make up and waited on the arriving guest. The food was good and it’s always a joy to be around my friend and her five kids ranging from ages 1-13. I long for the day I can have a mini me running around with the other kids. But until then I’ll be tee-tee to most kids I’m around. Here I am single, kidless, manless and alone for the holidays again, f*ck!

Trying not to dwell on the things that are really bothering me immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday I got back on track for healthy eating but also incorporating a 30 min cardio workout daily before work.  It’s a start but it certainly won’t give me the results I want quick enough. I’m always on and off with healthy eating and working out but good lord I need to find a way to stick with it. Currently, I’m counting calories using my fitness pal. Why does it seem like when you try to change to a healthy lifestyle you become consumed by it. As soon as I walk in the door I clean up a bit and start preparing my lunch for the next day, then have to be in bed early enough to get up and workout. Sounds pretty boring but I guess it’s necessary.

Earlier in the week I got a glimmer of hope when my ex long distance boyfriend mentioned things might be changing on the home front with the j.o.b. To be honest that’s probably the only way we can be together is if something changes with his current employer. My heart was ready, I was ready. To have him here with me finally! I’d started to daydream about things we’d do here in Diego. It’s been almost 5 years we’ve been dealing with each other and even though we broke up about a year and a half ago apparently neither one of us wants to let go. We fit too perfectly to walk away I’m guessing. But after really a miscommunication I was still left feeling like, “he doesn’t want to move and being with me is not a top priority”. Suddenly that glimmer of hope went away. Back to focusing on me and what I have going on.

Here we are post thanksgiving and a few weeks before Christmas. I’ve almost abandoned the idea of getting a Christmas Tree. But the holidays are not over yet. I still have a few weeks to slim down for the Holiday party and possibly have a date. PLEASE LET ME HAVE A DATE. I’m too good of a woman to be walking around SINGLE! I guess everything happens in God’s timing but I’m sure he can tell I’ve just about had it with the lonely nights, mornings & weekends. Sure I could have a guy around just for the hell of it (and I’ve done that). But with me, if it’s not the right guy they’ll just get on my nerves and be shown to the nearest exit. I like a certain kind of man but I won’t go into that on this post.  Wish me luck! I need a deal on a noble fir, a date for the holiday party and to look amazing in my black and gold dress.





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