No Vacancies

This post is far over do along with the stay of my house guest. My cousin who I’ll refer to as “McDaisy”  was suppose to be here for the summer in hopes of landing a job and possibly relocating. Initially I was a little skeptical of sharing my space but also happy to finally have someone I know be here in with me especially my favorite cousin right?

Well things got off to a good start, within a week she’d gone on a couple interviews and I was so happy for her. And then she just from what I could see was not really applying herself. I know she was hoping to find something in her field but I didn’t know she’d planned on not working at all if not. Week after week I would tell her about jobs that she’d later tell me she didn’t even apply for or was simply not interested in. Also in these passing weeks I would be coming in from one job changing clothes then headed right back out the door to job number two. I was cooking, cleaning and paying all the bills.  Basically all I’d done was take on another burden all while sacrificing my space. I started feeling some type of way. She wasn’t working really, cooking or helping me clean up. At first she was helping me clean up but then not really and what she does do is not even enough to consider. I started to think to myself what in the world did I get myself into. So we talked. And nothing changed. I must say I have never seen such laziness in my life. I would not be able to watch someone work as hard as I do and not even lift a finger to make any type of contribution. One day I worked about 16 hours and when I got in she asked me if I was tired. I could have choked her, but she’s my favorite cousin right? So I didn’t. I just shrugged and went to my room.

Well the good news is McDaisy should be going back home within the next few weeks and I’m getting impatiently excited. I’ll have my space back and if I am taking care of all the bills, cooking and cleaning at least it’s all for me not another grown and capable adult. The best thing that came of this is before my cousin came I was drinking way too much from what I blamed on being alone here in Diego with no family or friends. When she got here the drinking slowed tremendously from every night all night to in moderation. So everything happens for a reason, but I have also learned that allowing someone to come stay with me may not be the best way to deal with loneliness. In fact I can’t wait to be at home alone with no one else here.

McDaisy just brought me $25 bucks as I was typing this post. Thanks.

But this was definitely many lessons learned. Before I was welcoming people here like, “yeah you can stay with me until you get on your feet, Cali is a great place”. Never again, ever ever will I extend that invitation to anyone probably other than my immediate family. I have a friend that has been playing with the idea of moving here and staying here until he gets a place or we get a place but after this experience I’m afraid that invitation has expired. Sorry, no vacancies. I still love you McDaisy but you have to go.


Your favorite cousin.



3 Comments on “No Vacancies”

  1. chayilone September 16, 2015 at 3:33 am #

    Pahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! 😅😅😅
    That’s all I got. Lol

  2. Speaking Of Reality September 16, 2015 at 8:25 am #

    Ditto! You have done everything possible to help her get on her feet. Now it’s time to kick her out of the nest and let her fly. If not, she’ll just continue to take advantage of the situation!

    Bye Felicia

  3. mznewy September 16, 2015 at 1:10 pm #

    Ditto. That happened to me and I wound up severing a friendship behind it. She was pure D lazy…and it also changed my perception of her. Never again will I do this

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