Weekend Weigh-In 2 &3 – Slippin’

Friday when I got off I couldn’t wait to weigh my self even though Saturday is my regular weigh-in day. I was happy to see the number had dipped by another 2lbs. Unfortunately Friday night I went out and had a couple beers and I wasn’t ready for what I may have seen had I weighed in Saturday morning. So I didn’t weigh myself.

I got a offer to get in on a $5 pot for whomever loses the most weight next week from my co-worker. Because he’s a guy and about 6′-2″ we decided we’d weigh in on percent of over all weight loss as opposed to pounds.

Well week two wasn’t so bad but week three all hell cut lose. Brownies and chile with Sour Cream.


Week three I lost nothing, in fact I gained three (lbs)back. By last week I started to resent salad! I’ve been eating salad all week. Not because I think salad is the only healthy dish on earth but because it’s quick to prepare. Throw some leaves in a container with a few other veggies and wahh-lahhh we have lunch and dinner. I have to keep my eye on the prize!

In conclusion of my weekend weigh-in I did show significant results. I was sitting on my bench before work looked down and saw all boobs! I immediately was thinking where is my stomach? Lately it’s been petruding far past my bosom. I even poked it out to see where it was. Yes I’m tired of salads and bland dates with my taste buds but I must admit I’m seeing serious results!

After a long weekend on the JOB full of motivation I grilled 5 salmon fillets. All to top my lunch and dinner salads. So no I can’t report record weight loss but I can definitely report results! How was your weekend?



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