Weekend Weigh – In #1


Almost a month bringing my lunch to work and one full week of working out. It’s been quite interesting especially with increased hours from work. I get up about 45 min early to complete a 37 minute cardio workout.  I went for variety and tried a differnt cardio routine midweek and let me tell ya the lady was too high strung for me. But other than that the workout has been good. I have so much energy by the time I get work and instead of dreading for thirty minutes while I lazily pull myself out of bed I open my blinds for some good daylight and listen to some great music to my workout. I don’t think about work during the entire workout!

I have about 72 lbs to go. Down 11.4 lbs since last July when I stopped stocking beer in the fridge. This weekend weigh-in showed I was down 2.3 lbs. I guess I should continue. You never know by next summer I can be in a two piece, like a real two – piece!  Wish me luck!



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