Stop Calling Me Fat, Upcoming Trip & More


At the end of a laborious 11 hour shift I realized I’d apparently ticked this lady off by holding traffic (because that’s what I get paid to do). But once I finally released traffic and she was about five feet away and yelled out of her car “fat ass !!!”. Well that wasn’t very nice. I’m use to people getting upset and yelling expletives but this is the second time someone has called me fat while I was working. Be it twice in three years and after working with hundreds of thousands of people twice isn’t as bad but of course mostly being a woman it left me feeling some type of way. Can I afford to lose a few lbs? Sure but gosh. I mostly blame how vain the people are in CA. Just the other day my friend was telling me how great I looked in a pair of jeans and followed it with a suggestion I try out this new girdle. Well girdles aren’t really my thing and dammit stop calling me fat!

I have a trip coming up and obviously want to look my best. I’d planned on working out to at least drop a few lbs. The boo will be accompanying me on the trip and for the longest I’d been wanting to get back down to the size he met me which is about 17lbs lighter. 10lbs dropped instantly when I stop drinking so much beer and the rest I’m just going to have to get my butt in motion.

Early this week I started getting up super early to do aerobic exercises before work. I’ve already made progress. At first I could only do 20 min of the 37 min workout. Today I did the entire workout. I’m even considering doing it twice a day.  Go me!

I’m also happy to announce I’ve been bringing my lunch to work everyday for about 2 1/2 weeks. I swear I have not eaten so many sandwiches in my life! But they are easy to prepare and store, cheap, and gives me an opportunity to get in lots of fiber with oat and nut packed bread. I’ve also been cooking with lots of veggies and being sure to not let them go bad.


Last week I had a few potatoes left so I made potato soup. This week only one tomato hadn’t been eaten. I ended up making makeral over rice (pictured above without rice).

My friend brought over some dishes that I probably would never buy but included some really cute bowls that’s perfect for portion control. Maybe by the end of the week I can do half a grilled cheese sandwich with my soup.  I’m hanging in there! How is your week so far?




2 Comments on “Stop Calling Me Fat, Upcoming Trip & More”

  1. chayilone April 27, 2015 at 7:39 pm #

    I love the discipline baby sis! I can totally relate. Love you! You got this!

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